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Which area in infosec should companies invest alot


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Computer Forensic in Kenya

Computer Forensics Kenya (C.F.K) is a pan African digital risks consultancy and training firm. We offer consultancy in computer security solutions which ranges from:

Computer Forensic Investigation

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Management

ISO 27001:2013 audit and consultancy

Investigation of computer related crimes

Training of CyberSecurity

Infosec Consultancy

Computer Forensic solutions are as follows:

Internet Defamation
Businesses are now getting attacked at an alarming rate by competitors, ex-employees, and highly agitated past clients. A single person and a laptop can now bring a business to its knees in a single day by posting defamatory information all over the web.  If this is your situation, we can rapidly help you regain control and solve these issues.

Digital Forensics
Digital forensics is the science involving the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime.  This involves the forensic imaging (acquisition) and analysis of digital media either on-site or via remote access.  CFK can rapidly, and cost effectively help you with your forensic needs in a rapid response manner.

Incident Response
Inside of your business, you probably have a group of people who prepare for and respond to an interruption of business operations due to internet or cyber attacks. Most companies find, however, that cyber incidences are usually best responded to by a collection of skills involving internal and external rapid response teams. Let CFK be your one stop partner.

Litigation Support

Much of our work results in either the criminal prosecution or in the filing of litigation against the perpetrators of cyber attacks. Our investigation team works daily with attorneys on our client’s team or with federal, state, or local law enforcement. Unlike most “digital” companies, CFK is built upon a law enforcement & investigatory backgrounds.

Importance of the Forensic Specialist

The electronic-discovery process involves complex data manipulation and reduction utilizing sophisticated software tools and techniques. However, technology and tools are necessary but not sufficient for success. The result that is achieved is only as good as the quality and experience of the forensic expert assigned to the case.

Computer Forensics Kenya is expert at electronic discovery and has years of experience investigating complex cases. We have a knack for finding the key evidence needed to win.

Drop us an email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for consultation in forensics




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