Cyber Fraud

CFK conducts computer forensics and e-discovery investigations into all matters associated with money laundering, fraud, and financial crimes, and can bring evidence to the light that internal searches may not locate or recover.  Our experts have worked with financial accountants, fraud investigation teams, and HR specialists to uncover the evidence of fraud on laptops, desktops, email servers, and within the databases of finance and accounting systems.  If your company suspects occurrences of financial crime or fraud — or there are allegations of financial irregularity — our experienced team of professionals is ready to provide all of the latest technology and techniques to assist with a prompt investigation and resolution.

Our computer forensics and e-discovery professionals investigate abnormal financial activity, perform electronic evidence discovery, review financial reports, and offer expert testimony — all with the sensitivity and urgency you require.  Our fraud and financial crimes investigation team members use their expertise in forensic accounting, financial and securities regulation, electronic discovery, and risk management to investigate any scenario that indicates fraud.

Then, we work to create expert solutions with you or your outside counsel in order to identify what occurred, the extent of financial risk, who is involved, and what the opportunities are for you to recover any lost assets.

We also perform a thorough fraud risk assessment to help you determine your most significant risk areas so that you can mitigate and manage them in advance.
All in all, you’ll find our blend of accounting and financial expertise with digital forensic techniques and procedures enable you to fully investigate financial crimes and unearth any accounting data that’s pertinent as evidence.  We are experts at delving deeply in order to uncover criminal financial activity, financial fraud, money laundering, and any type of financial or fraud scam that may be at play in your business.  We’ve worked with software including Sage/Peachtree, QuickBooks, Intacct, PeopleSoft, and more.

If you suspect there may be a case of fraud or financial crime at your organization, need an expert witness to give testimony for such a case, or simply want to create a proactive plan to protect your business from fraud and financial misconduct, contact us today