Email Forensics & Email Recovery

Email is everywhere.  Critical to almost every business — and often a key component of legal cases — email and email forensics can completely change the tide of a case if that one game-changing email is recovered.

CFK has extensive expertise in every area of email analysis, from recovery of deleted emails to handling hundreds of gigabytes of Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise and Bloomberg mail.  Our computer forensics and e-discovery experts will identify and extract the necessary email from any of these servers, services, and tape backups.

CFK can also recover email messages, calendar entries, contacts, tasks and more from user hard drives.  Using advanced culling techniques we can de-duplicate email across custodians or groups, establish timelines of events, and create visual maps of how email transactions between custodians played out.  If you need to follow email threads or perform near-duplicate reduction on sets of email, CFK is ready to help with the latest email processing and e-discovery technologies.

At the corporate level, we can recover emails from a specific employee, a back-and-forth exchange between two individuals, a group, or even an entire department by investigating the contents of your mail server(s). If your organization uses an email backup system, such as tape, we can use it to restore earlier versions of emails, even if the email in question is no longer on your server.

If you need to access content of emails that are sent via a website (webmail) — meaning, email that is generated and sent via an internet-based service like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or AOL mail — we can help.  Depending on circumstance, court orders or consent can be obtained that will enable full access, or targeted / limited access for those instances where personal and professional may have overlapped.

It should also be noted that many webmail users store web-based emails and contents such as attachments, calendar items, and to-do tasks on their own computer hard drives or smartphones, making it possible to recover email and perform analysis at the hard drive or smartphone level.

We can provide you with email analysis to:

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