Our M-Forensics Methodology

Cellphone and Smartphone Forensics

Our cell phone forensic experts specialize in retrieving the data you need from cell phones, smartphones, PDAs, and other mobile devices. Our methods are forensically sound, meaning we work in a manner that ensures the data we retrieve for you is court-admissible.

In the past, mobile phone forensics primarily recovered SMS and MMS messaging, call logs, contact lists, and phone IMEI/ESN information. However, the newer generations of smartphones include a broader range of information generated by web browsing, wireless network settings, geolocation (which includes geotags that exist within image metadata), and email, as well as data kept in apps, such as posts on social media sites and contact lists.

CFK has all the latest tools and techniques for collecting and forensically preserving these types of critical data from cellular phones, smartphones, PDAs, GPS units, and other types of mobile devices. Regardless of the type or age of the device, we can collect data from virtually any kind of smartphone in use today. That includes all the most popular manufacturers, such as Apple, Android, BlackBerry/RIM, LG, Samsung, Nokia, and many other smartphone, cell phone, and tablet manufacturers. What’s more, we can retrieve data from older generations of smartphones and mobile devices.
We can recover mobile phone evidence from a variety of different sources, including:

    Handset memory such as NAND or NOR types commonly used in today’s mobile devices.
    Attached (external) memory cards such as SIM cards, SD cards (often found within GPS devices as well as mobile phones), MMC cards, CF cards, and the Memory Stick.
    Service provider logs. We can assist with obtaining call detail records (and occasionally text messages) from wireless carriers to use as “backup” evidence. More of a supplementary service to mobile device forensics, this information is particularly helpful if the phone’s call history or text messages have been deleted, or when location-based services aren’t available on the handset itself.

Examples of the kinds of data we can recover include:

  •     Text messages (SMS / short message service)
  •     Photo/multimedia messages (MMS / multimedia messaging service)
  •     Pictures and images (whether captured by or downloaded to the device)
  •     Video and audio recordings (whether captured by or downloaded to the device)
  •     Call history logs (received, missed, and dialed calls)
  •     Phonebook and contact list
  •     Calendar and task list entries
  •     App-specific data (often, this is stored in individual local SQLite databases)
  •     Emails stored on handset
  •     Third-party chat and texting apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, ReTXT, etc.)
  •     Geo-information and geolocation data (data that describes where the device was located geographically over time)

CFK News Scroller

CFK associates is a pan African consulting firm with its headquarter in Nairobi Kenya. We are leaders in digital risks and investigations in the region. We have strong network of associates specializing in different areas of profession.

Our vision is to be the leader and set pace in digital forensics in Africa

Our mission is to provide our clients with world class experience through service provision.

Our slogan: "We deliver on promise"

What is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics is the scientific process of capturing (imaging) and analyzing information stored in any electronic format, for the purpose of investigating allegations, to find the truth, with no predisposition as to the outcome. It is a highly technical discipline requiring a combination of unique skills relating to computer technology and software, formal investigative experience (law enforcement), proper evidence handling methods, and judgment. Computer forensics can be the key to:

  • Learning the truth
  • Taking appropriate action based on the facts
  • Winning the case.

At CFK we specialize in the listed services:

  • Digital Forensics (Computers and Mobile devices)
  • CyberSecurity Strategies and Management
  • Inappropriate Data Duplication
  • Private Investigation of Cellphone/Mobile Phone
  • Cyber Fraud and Money Laundering Investigation
  • Documents examination
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Online Brand Protection
  • Internal Corporate Investigation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Computer Break-ins
  • Digital Pornography
  • Inappropriate Internet Usage
  • Internet Abuse
  • Inappropriate Email Usage

Area of operation

We operate in the whole of Africa through our extensive network of associates who represents us in their respective countries