Our Forensics Methodology

Investigation Steps

To help better understand the process, the following list gives the basic steps involved for a digital forensics investigation (this list is not necessarily all inclusive and digital forensics examination can differ depending on the nature of the device, examination parameters, and other factors).

  •     Incident notification
  •     Obtaining understanding of incident
  •     Obtain authorization to proceed
  •     Verify scope of work
  •     Document incident area
  •     Document incident equipment
  •     Prepare bit-stream copies of original evidence
  •     Maintain chain of custody forms
  •     Securing of original evidence
  •     Data extraction and analysis at forensic lab
  •     Carve out deleted files and file fragments
  •     Reconstruct internet history, web pages, and/or email activity
  •     Analyze critical files such as registry files, user login files, & event logs
  •     Time line analysis
  •     Generate hash values and compare
  •     Prepare report of findings
  •     Lessons learned
  •     Archive data

Using advanced forensic tools and techniques, we always follow sound forensic examination procedures set forth by the forensic industry and court-accepted procedures. This includes the following: using forensically sterile examination media, constantly maintaining the integrity of the original media, utilizing sound forensic examination software, providing properly marked and controlled printouts, copies of data, and exhibits resulting from the examination.

CFK News Scroller

CFK associates is a pan African consulting firm with its headquarter in Nairobi Kenya. We are leaders in digital risks and investigations in the region. We have strong network of associates specializing in different areas of profession.

Our vision is to be the leader and set pace in digital forensics in Africa

Our mission is to provide our clients with world class experience through service provision.

Our slogan: "We deliver on promise"

What is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics is the scientific process of capturing (imaging) and analyzing information stored in any electronic format, for the purpose of investigating allegations, to find the truth, with no predisposition as to the outcome. It is a highly technical discipline requiring a combination of unique skills relating to computer technology and software, formal investigative experience (law enforcement), proper evidence handling methods, and judgment. Computer forensics can be the key to:

  • Learning the truth
  • Taking appropriate action based on the facts
  • Winning the case.

At CFK we specialize in the listed services:

  • Digital Forensics (Computers and Mobile devices)
  • CyberSecurity Strategies and Management
  • Inappropriate Data Duplication
  • Private Investigation of Cellphone/Mobile Phone
  • Cyber Fraud and Money Laundering Investigation
  • Documents examination
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Online Brand Protection
  • Internal Corporate Investigation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Computer Break-ins
  • Digital Pornography
  • Inappropriate Internet Usage
  • Internet Abuse
  • Inappropriate Email Usage

Area of operation

We operate in the whole of Africa through our extensive network of associates who represents us in their respective countries