CFK can work with your organization to develop a comprehensive and effective cyber security strategy that covers a full spectrum of services and disciplines, from developing a proactive defensive capability to minimizing damage if a breach does happen. We can also work with you to evolve and optimize your existing cyber strategies and recommend or assist in implementing bespoke cyber solutions that complement your organizations existing capabilities and investments.

The areas we can help with include:

Across the breadth of these core capability pillars, we have experience and expertise to deliver the following competencies:

At CFK we are not aligned to any technology, service or model, and are therefore free to employ the best solution to meet the specific challenges of your organization. In addition, we have both unique insights and extensive experience in cyber security leading to an exposure to what works well and what doesn’t, and our preferred approach is to seamlessly integrate with your own security teams to co-own your cyber challenges.

Penetration Testing

Cyber attacks are occurring with increasing regularity. In recent years CFK has investigated numerous intrusions across a range of industries and targets, helping clients to fully understand and counter attacks against their network and business.

However, before an effective remediation can be performed the attacker’s capability, targeting and intentions must be fully understood.

Leveraging multiple technologies and drawing on wide ranging sources of information, CFK will analyze your network for signs of compromise - detailing the attacker presence across the enterprise and providing valuable insight into attacker capability and intentions. Designed for rapid deployment during incident response, this service enables your organization to swiftly implement an informed containment and remediation plan to effectively combat any malicious activity and minimize the impact to the business.

The visibility offered by this service also provides valuable insight and assurance even when the network is believed to be secure. Many organizations harbor concerns that they may be the target of sophisticated attacks, but do not have the capability to verify if a breach has already occurred. The CFK compromise assessment service provides this insight, allowing organizations to respond and plan in an informed manner, while also providing assurance around existing security controls. The service also works equally well as an ongoing, repeatable assurance exercise to determine the current security level of the estate and validate existing monitoring solutions.