The Incident Response Investigation Support service gives clients access to CFK highly regarded incident response capability within guaranteed timeframes, providing valuable advice and experienced incident responders on the ground when they are needed most. With access to a telephone hotline on up to a 24x7 basis and rapid onsite response this service has been designed to integrate seamlessly with existing incident response plans, allowing clients to increase the effectiveness of their response capability while minimizing the investment needed.

The Necessity of Incident Response
The sophistication and spread of cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing. The tactics, techniques and procedures that would have traditionally only been associated with nation state attackers are now commonplace within cybercrime and hacktivism groups. Combined with the traditional threat from sophisticated attackers, every organization must prepare to face the challenge of responding to an event.

Good quality incident response efforts are critical to reducing the impact, cost and damage of any attack and are therefore an indispensable part of an effective security regime. Despite this, many organizations encounter difficulties in acquiring, recruiting and maintaining the specialist information security professionals, skillsets and tools on a cost effective basis. The maintenance of analytic software suites and supporting hardware alone are a burdensome ongoing cost for many organizations, not to mention the teams and skill requirements to use them effectively.

The Incident Response Investigation Support Service
This service provides access to CFK incident response consultants, expertise and capability within timeframes defined by Service Level Agreement. This means that clients can call upon them during the high pressure of live incident response with the assurance that the resources and support will be available when they need it. This assurance allows clients to include the service as a specific and concrete part of incident response planning and preparation, thereby removing the need to produce and maintain the capability themselves.

This service is being offered on a retainer basis, providing a cost effective way of gaining reliable access to capability that is a foundational requirement for effective incident response.