Principles of digital forensics: 9th Feb 2018 (From 2 p.m to 5 p.m)

Online Webinar


This webinar is an introduction to computer forensics. We will look at imaging using FTK imager lite. We will also look at the hashing and how to verify the hashes to maintain integrity. What are the procedures to obtain electronic evidence which is admissible in the court. What are other major free tools are used for the same.

The training is open to lawyers, police officers, IT specialists, Systems Auditors, Forensics Experts and any other enthusiasts

The duration for the training is three hours and we will be conducting monthly webinar to build on the training.


2:00 to 2:15: Introduction to computer forensics (chain of custody and principles)

2:15 to 2:45: Introduction to chain of custody forms and FTK imager lite (Imaging Process)

2:45:to 3:00: Questions and Answers from participants

3:00 to 3:30: Hashing and Verification (OSForensics)

3:30 to 4:00: Analyzing the image for evidence (FTK Image Lite)

4:00 to 4:15: Questions and Answer from participants

4:15 to 4:30: Encryption of the image

4:30 to 4:50: Report writing on forensics

4:50 to 5:00: Final questions from participants

Cost of the webinar: Kshs 3,000 (USD 30) ONLY per person

Payment: Till No (371989)


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